I found ‘The Day Zero Project’ on another blog and have since been finding it everywhere. The idea is make a list of 101 things that you intend to do in the next 1001 days.  

I decided to do this because I am very close to ending a massive part of my life –the school years- and (dundundun) moving out on my own to start the rest of my life. 1001 days should take me somewhere up to half way through my second year at university, at which point I’m sure I’ll be a totally different person. I’m very curious what I’ll think of this in 2 and a half years’ time and whether I’ll actually stick to it

Also, on a slightly shallower note, lots of lists have ‘go ice skating’ on them and I wanted to feel mildly smug about working in an ice rink and being able to go any time.

So here goes:

Start date: 27.02.2012

End date: 25.11.2014

  1. Actually find 101 challenges for myself – it’s harder than I thought
  2. Get the tattoo I have been planning for ages
  3. Get either my nose or belly button pierced
  4. Finally take those belly dancing classes
  5. Manage a month without chocolate
  6. Have red hair again
  7. Stay up all night and watch the sun come up
  8. Actually have a gig for one of the many semi-bands I’m in
  9. Fall hopelessly in love with a handsome European
  10. Learn Spanish
  11. Resurrect my Russian
  12. Visit Japan
  13. Go skinny dipping
  14. Host one hell of a leaving party
  15. Read at least one whole book in French that I haven’t already read in English
  16. Get 101 followers on my blog (1/100)
  17. Write 101 blog posts so the 101 followers have something to read (5/101)
  18. Backpack Europe
  19. Plank in every city I visit in Europe
  20. Land my damned axel! (Ice skating)
  21. Write someone a song
  22. Write a song for my own benefit
  23. Ride on a motorcycle (Scooter will do)
  24. Get a spa treatment
  25. Have a phenomenal trip to Brighton that trumps all past trips
  26. Pass my driving test
  27. Experience 20 new things (1/20)
  28. Dance in the rain (this isn’t really a challenge, I do this almost every time it rains, and it rains a lot in England)
  29. Kiss in the rain
  30. Kiss an absolute stranger with no introduction
  31. Manage 10 minutes of skipping every day for 2 weeks
  32. Get into a habit of regular exercise
  33. Read at least some of the Bible
  34. Read at least some of the Qur’an
  35. Read some of the Qur’an in Arabic
  36. Read Wuthering Heights
  37. Finish Alice ve stranye oodyes (the copy of Alice in Wonderland I bought in Russian because I liked the cover)
  38. Leave a message in a bottle and send it off to sea
  39. When ‘day zero’ arrives, give £1 to charity for everything I haven’t done
  40. Go a week without watching television
  41. Attend a dress-up showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  42. Watch the 101 top movies on IMDB (18/101)
  43. Paint a painting
  44. Go camping
  45. Meet someone famous and make them sign my breasts
  46. Get into Exeter university
  47. Sit in a park and draw the scene
  48. Join a protest
  49. Get 20+ hugs on National hug a vegetarian day
  50. Write something nice for someone to find in a library book
  51. Go out somewhere really trendy in London dressed fabulously
  52. Make someone’s day (they have to say ‘you’ve just made my day’)
  53. Be asleep before 10:30 every day for a week
  54. Play hide and seek in public
  55. Wear bright red lipstick during the day for once
  56. Sit in a café by myself (this concept literally terrifies me)
  57. Wear my hair up every day for 2 weeks
  58. Before I leave London, spend a day pretending to be a French tourist, talking only in French or warped English with a fake accent
  59. Learn how to use my sewing machine instead of stealing my mothers
  60. Put away £1 for everything I do complete and spend it on completion
  61. 101 random acts of kindness (1/101)
  62. Wear a belly revealing top (dundundun) in public
  63. Eat in a Chinese restaurant with the chopsticks I got for my birthday

3 responses »

  1. It is quite hard to find 101 challenges – but you have plenty of time. I started almost a year ago and I still have a few to find.
    I think it’s good not to start with a completed list as things change and opportunities arise that you don’t always see in advance.

    Congratulations on joining us!! I wish you every success with your list. Feel free to use our badge, it’s on my ‘Take part’ page.

    You have a fantastic list. I love it!!

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